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TabToolKit iPhone App: New Release Announced

Agile Partners, developers of the bestselling GuitarToolkit iPhone app, just announced a major new release of their TabToolkit application that is available in the iTunes App Store. With the new release, TabToolkit goes beyond a tablature player for the iPhone and iPod touch — the app is now an easy way to learn how to play your favorite songs on guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, piano, drums and other instruments.

The new TabToolkit enables multi-track playback of as many as 112 instrument voices simultaneously, increasing the app's power as an easy-to-use, mobile music learning tool. With audio control of individual tracks, TabToolkit allows users to practice the part they're learning while being guided by other instrument parts playing in the background. For example, users can now hear rhythm guitar, bass and drums playing in the background while learning the lead guitar part of their favorite song. John Berry, a principal with Agile Partners, says, “You feel like you're playing along with a band when you mute the track you're learning and can still hear all the other instruments in the background. That makes learning music more enjoyable and easier, not to mention convenient because it's on your iPhone or iPod touch.”

TabToolkit was already one of the highest-rated music apps in the App Store, thanks to its core feature set: support for a variety of text and rich tab formats, playback tempo control, a metronome, file upload and download features, and more. Jack Ivers, also a principal with Agile Partners, observes, “Even though the new TabToolkit was just released, we've already gotten a lot of user feedback in the App Store and on Twitter saying how fun it is to learn new songs with TabToolkit's multi-track playback capabilities. As one TabToolkit user said, 'If you are a musician and pride yourself on learning new material and techniques, this is a must-have.’ ”

It sounds like the new release of TabToolkit is off to a strong start as an easy-to-use music learning tool. Musicians of all skill levels can now practice their favorite songs using their iPhone or iPod touch wherever they go. For more information on TabToolkit, visit the iTunes App Store iTunes App Store or