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The Music Industries Association: your local music shop needs your support

(Image credit: Future)

We live in an increasingly uncertain economic climate as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the music industry is being hit hard. In accordance with the latest government orders to close all non-essential business, musical instrument retailers across the UK have been forced to close their doors.

Fortunately, hundreds of retailers remain open for business online. However, with declining revenues resulting from the decrease in footfall, now more than ever, these stores need your help. And with all the free time you have cooped up at home, there's never been a better time to invest in music.

"UK musical instrument shops are filled with passionate and creative people who are determined to help every music maker they can during these difficult times," says Paul McManus, Chief Executive of the Music Industries Association and Music for All charity. 

"Hundreds of these shops are managing to keep their websites open for business in order to deliver all your musical needs to the comfort of your home. What is great to see is the huge number of people that are taking up music making for the first time whilst at home!"

Time is life’s most precious commodity," says Steven Greenall of Warwick Music. "And in the midst of these next several weeks of uncertainty we can find ways to use that time for the better - whether taking up that hobby long ignored, or supporting a child on their musical journey, Britain’s music industry is ready to support you."

Check the map below to find your local music store, and support it with an online order.

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