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The Underground Thieves Share New Song, "Whole Lotta Money"

The Underground Thieves, led by Silvertide guitarist and co-songwriter Nick Perri, have released a new single and video “Whole Lotta Money.”

Produced by Perri, “Whole Lotta Money” features Justin DiFebbo (K-Floor) on Hammond organ and synthesizer, Brian Weaver (Silvertide) on bass, Anthony Montesano and Michael Montesano (Pepper’s Ghost) on background vocals, and new Underground Thieves addition Zil Fessler (Rusted Root) on drums.

“I wanted to write something fun and empowering about being grateful for what you have, and not relying on material goods for happiness,” Perri said. “I’m singing from the heart and through my guitar. This song is honest and authentically me.”

Regarding the Austin M. Bauman-filmed clip, he said, “We try to up our own game with each music video, continually broadening our band’s horizons. This video has been the most exciting one to create.”

“Whole Lotta Money”—along with the Underground Thieves’ seven preceding singles—is available on iTunes, Spotify and other major music networks. It was mixed and mastered by Marc DiSisto, whose credits include U2, Pink Floyd, Sheryl Crow, Joe Cocker and Don Henley. DiSisto also engineered Silvertide’s Show & Tell album, on which Perri was lead guitarist and co-songwriter.

Perri said the Underground Thieves will continue releasing one new single, or “chapter,” as often as possible until all 12 songs are complete. At that time, the band will compile the chapters into a full-length album to be distributed both physically and electronically.

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