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This guitar mashup with Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s furious COVID-19 exorcism is the best metal jam of 2020

We’ve met YouTube electric guitar player Andre Antunes before, witnessing his impressive videos playing Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing in the style of 12 guitarists, and stringing together famous solos from the likes of Steve Vai and Carlos Santana into one song.

He’s also performed ridiculously complex arrangements of Mozart’s Moonlight Sonata and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, as well as originals like The Washing Machine Song, where he jams along with, well, a washing machine.

Now Antunes and his guitar have taken on COVID-19 itself, with a new video where he combines some proggy metal riffage with Texas-based Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s fire-and-brimstone onstage exorcism of COVID from the U.S.

The video, titled Judgement on COVID-19 goes HEAVY METAL [Kenneth Copeland Remix] [I Demand] is, well, hilarious. But it’s also a pretty killer metal jam, with shifting time signatures and tempos to match Copeland’s diction.

As one commentator on his YouTube page writes: “First listen ‘ha ha, that funny.’ Next 20 plays: ‘Damn that’s some awesome guitar work.’”

Another fan adds, “Not gonna lie. Would listen to a full album of this.”

He might get his wish: according to Antunes, an album with complete versions will be released this month.

For now, check out Judgement on COVID-19 above.