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Thurston Moore releases surprise new instrumental album, 'screen time'

Thurston Moore
(Image credit: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/Redferns via Getty)

Thurston Moore has followed up his sixth studio album, By The Fire, with the release of a surprise instrumental album, titled screen time, which is available now on Bandcamp.

After first announcing the unexpected new album on Twitter, the former Sonic Youth member later revealed that the collection itself is a commentary on society and the value of art.

Said Moore: "While our societies have become wholly engaged with the virtual universe of online interaction the work of filmmakers, musicians, painters, poets and dancers continues to offer dreamworld expressions of both reality and the imagination.

"Screen time is now time, it is always time for change. A change for the better. What better time than now. Create, instigate, debate, never hate, sleep late, embrace fate, make a movie date, destroy and skate."

The album is composed of 10 ambient, instrumental pieces, and released a mere five months after the prolific guitar player and all-round musician dropped his most recent album, By The Fire, which was met with critical acclaim.

Moore recently spoke to Guitar World about his songwriting approach, stating, "Writing music is about stepping away from the ego and creating something that's selfless."

He also spoke of his effective barebones process, revealing that "a lot of the writing comes from the tradition of literally sitting down with an acoustic guitar or an electric six-string or 12-string guitar.

"I'll gravitate towards the one I'm feeling a kind of calling from, pick it up and get it in tune to one of the tunings it deploys and I just start writing."

Visit Thurston Moore's Bandcamp to listen to screen time.