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Tim Henson and Manuel Gardner Fernandes herald the future of rap-shred with mind-blowing In The Cut cover

Contemporary progressive electric guitar virtuosos Tim Henson and Manuel Gardner Fernandes have joined forces to record a mind-blowing cover of Drake and Roddy Ricch's rap track In The Cut – a collaboration which pushes musical boundaries and heralds the future of rap-shred.

While Henson is no stranger to giving pop tracks a Polyphia-style makeover – take his cover of Ariana Grande's Positions, for instance – this time he takes on a new genre altogether, and enlists the help of social media shredder Gardner Fernandes to tread new ground in the rap-shred subgenre. 

In a dizzying display of sheer guitar ingenuity, which shows both Henson and Gardner utilize a number of jaw-dropping extended techniques, the Ibanez-wielding guitar gurus perform at the peak of their powers as they showcase their take on In The Cut.

The technical masterclass sees both guitarists mirror the rap vocals, embellishing the melody with a number of hybrid picking parts, string harmonics, face-melting pentatonic runs, rapid-fire percussive strums, blink-and-you'll-miss-them sweeps, string slaps, and even a deep dive on the whammy bar for good measure.

Henson and Gardner Fernandes truly have outdone themselves, even by their own high standards, in a performance that looks for new ways to push their playing and creativity to the absolute limits. 

If you fancy your chances taking on the mammoth cover, you can purchase tabs for Henson's part and Gardner Fernandes's part on their respective pages.