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Van Halen: 'A Different Kind of Truth" Audio Samples

As samples of all 13 new Van Halen tunes become available online, we thought we'd to collect all the audio samples from A Different Kind of Truth right here in one convenient location. Enjoy!

A Different Kind of Truth will be released on February 7 via Interscope, and the band will kick off an extensive tour later that month.

A music video for the album's first single, "Tattoo," has already been release, and can be seen here.

A Different Kind of Truth Audio Samples:

1. "Tattoo"

2. "She's the Woman" (clip)3. "You and Your Blues" (clip)4. "China Town" (clip)5. "Blood and Fire" (clip)6. "Bullethead" (clip)7. "As Is" (clip)8. "Honeybabysweetiedoll"9. "The Trouble with Never" (clip)10. "Outta Space"11. "Stay Frosty" (clip)12. "Big River" (clip) 13. "Beats Workin'" (clip)