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Van Halen Post Sample of "Honeybabysweetiedoll"

We're getting down to the last few songs on Van Halen's new album, A Different Kind of Truth, and today we've got 90 seconds of track eight, a far-out sounding tune called "Honeybabysweetiedoll."

Last year, Sammy Hagar told Rolling Stone that many of the tracks on the new Van Halen album were to be re-worked versions of old demos and song ideas. In an interview with the L.A. Times, David Lee Roth confirmed as much, saying: "It's material that Eddie and I generated, literally, in 1975, 1976 and 1977. Usually fellas in our weight division will kind of gamely — or ironically, wink, wink — try to hail back to it [but] keep a safe, mature distance from it."

A Different Kind of Truth:

1. "Tattoo" (video)
2. "She's the Woman" (clip, live video)
3. "You and Your Blues" (clip)
4. "China Town" (clip)
5. "Blood and Fire" (clip)
6. "Bullethead"
7. "As Is" (clip)
8. "Honeybabysweetiedoll" (clip)
9. "The Trouble with Never" (clip)
10. "Outta Space"
11. "Stay Frosty" (clip)
12. "Big River"
13. "Beats Workin'" (clip)