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Video: Carvin Techs Restore Jason Becker's Late-Eighties DC200 Guitars

In this video posted Thursday, November 14, by Carvin Guitars, the Carvin gang — and Jason Becker — take a close look at Becker's original late-Eighties Carvin guitars.

We'll let the video's narrator set the scene:

"There's been a lot of speculation lately about the late-Eighties Carvin DC200 guitars Jason Becker played. Jason's guitars had not received any setups or proper attention in many, many years. So Carvin decided to have the guitars brought down to the factory for some long-overdue maintenance and to document these guitars properly.

"One thing we decided when the guitars arrived was to not remove or replace anything unless it was necessary for proper functioning. We wanted these guitars to remain original as much as possible."

After the Carvin techs did the work, Carvin's Richard Cruz, Jr. and Albert Comas brought the instruments back to Becker; that's Comas demoing the guitars.

All the guitar playing in the video was recorded through the IK Multimedia iRig HD into a laptop running AmpliTube 3 and the Carvin V3M amp found in the IK Multimedia online Custom Shop.