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Video: Man Makes Guitar Amps Out of Rotary Phones, Ouija Boards, Chess Boards

Robert Brenne, a 25-year-old Pennsylvania man, has found a new career: turning ordinary objects into guitar amps.

He's already made amps out of his Ghostbusters lunch box, an old rotary telephone, cigar boxes (of course) and a Pac-Man thermos — just to name a few.

Brenne, who's been playing guitar for 11 years, got inspired when he came across a DIY project two summers ago that showed how to turn a beer can into an amp. After a lot of trial and error, he seems to have it figured out.

"I just thought if I could do this with a beer can, I could do it with anything," Brenne told the Scranton Times-Tribune.

"I hustled around the fall and just thought, 'Let me see if I can get a bunch of these made and actually turn it into a small business,'" he said. Brenne sells his amps through his website, Amps cost between $50 and $175, depending on the amount of work required.

Check out the video below.