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Video: Metallica Play "The Memory Remains" at Quebec's Summer Festival

Pro-quality footage of Metallica playing "The Memory Remains" at Quebec's Summer Festival is now online and can be seen below. The massive festival ran July 7-17 in Quebec City, Quebec, with a grant total of three hundred shows spanning 11 days, making it Canada's biggest outdoor artistic festival.

Footage of Metallica's entire set from the Gothenburg, Sweden Big Four show can be seen here.

Although Metallica is currently completing work on a surprise collaborative album with Lou Reed, the band will also reportedly begin work on its tenth studio album sometime this fall.

Producer Rick Rubin, who worked with the group for the first time on 2008's Death Magnetic, told Billboard that he recently met with drummer Lars Ulrich and will return to San Francisco sometime in the next week or so to sit down with the whole band and "explore what the focus is going to be this time around."

Rubin offered a hint of how that initial meeting with the band will go: "I'll ask a lot of questions and we'll probably listen to some of the riffs they've been writing. And usually I'll hear something that will sort of indicate the direction and then we'll talk about it from there."