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Vildhjarta Unveil New Album Details, Post Teaser Video

I guess this whole "djent" thing is in full swing, which means you'll be hearing about a lot of bedroom-produced, copycat bands over the next few years who may not have even heard of Meshuggah, and think "djent" is the Indian word for "palm-muting." Or something like that.

That said, I have high hopes for new Century Media signing Vildhjarta, who will release their debut full-length album, måsstaden, on November 28. The band have just unveiled the artwork and track listing for the album, along with a brand new teaser video for the album -- all of which can be seen below.

Of course the teaser isn't nearly enough to give you an idea of what these Swedes are about, so head to YouTube and check out some clips, like this one for the song "Shiver."

måsstaden Track-Listing:
1. Shadow
2. Dagger
3. Eternal Golden Monk
4. Benblåst
5. Östpeppar
6. Traces
7. Phobon Nika
8. Måsstadens Nationalsång
9. When No One Walks With You
10. All These Feelings
11. Nojja
12. Deceit
13. The Lone Deranger