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Bass Player magazine is holding the ultimate bassist poll. Vote to help us find the greatest bass player of all time

Vote for your favorite low-end master of all-time in Bass Player's new poll
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We’ve all asked ourselves who the greatest bassist in history might be. Why do we do this? The answer is simple – because we love bass and the musicians who play it. The coolest instrument ever invented deserves its own GOAT list, even though we'll never really agree on who's really the best bassist of all.

We've thought long and hard about how to take a snapshot of bass in 2021. It's a fun but tricky task, because there are so many amazing bass players around, from young social media stars to veterans who've been on Bass Player's cover since we published our first issue in 1990. 

What's more, amazing bass players can be found in all genres of music. We’ve solved that by splitting our chosen 200 candidates into 10 categories, each as historically important as the rest. 

You can vote for as many of your favourites as you like. Don't know anything about metal? No need to vote. Only like one reggae bassist? Just vote for them. Love classic rock and have too many favourites? You can vote for them all. And if you think we've missed someone? Then you can add them too, under 'Other.' 

Our other bit of advice? Do it now before you forget. You've got too many other things to keep your fingers busy.

Pioneers – We owe them everything

Jazz and Fusion – They make it swing

Soul, Funk and Disco – The masters of groove

The best Roots (blues, folk, gospel and country) bassists

The best Session bassists – Who made their studio engineer happiest?

The best pre-1980 rock bassists – They liked it loud

The best post-1980 rock bassists – Punk, new wave and beyond

Metal – The headbanging starts here

Reggae, Ska, Dub and World – Step outside the rock canon

21st Century Bassists – Who’s pushing our instrument forward?