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Watch Bootsy Collins' Holiday-Themed Music Video, "Peyton Manning's Passing Your Way"

Well, the NFL's regular season is winding down, the Miami Dolphins are hoping for a long-awaited playoff spot — and Bootsy Collins is singing holiday songs about the Broncos' Peyton Manning!

Below, check out Collins' new song and music video, "Peyton Manning's Passing Your Way," which was created for Sports Illustrated Kids.

The song, which is sung to the tune of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," is dedicated to Manning and serves as a warning to the NFL's defensive backs:

"He knows if you'll blitz / He sees if it's zone / He knows if it's man / You'll wanna go home / Peyton Manning's passing your way."

It also features the memorable line, "Ho-dee-ho-ho and a touchdown throw."