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Watch Dave Grohl Chug a Beer and Fall Off the Stage at a Las Vegas Gig

The Foo Fighters played a gig at Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel as part of the annual Consumer Electronics Show on January 9, and Dave Grohl gave the crowd more than they bargained for when he chugged a beer and fell backwards off the stage.

The singer and guitarist was in the middle of an extended solo during “The Pretender” when he ran to the front of the stage and began talking to the crowd and shaking hands with audience members. After one fan handed him a can of Bud Light, he attempted to sip from it while having it perched on top of a speaker. When that didn’t work, he grabbed the can and downed the contents the old fashioned way. On the way back to join his band, however, he lost his footing and fell back off the stage.

But Grohl, the consummate pro, was quickly lifted back up by security and resumed his solo. Thankfully, there were no injuries, and unlike the last time he took a spill, no throne will be required for upcoming dates.

You can check out video of the debacle above.