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Watch Kirk Hammett join UFO for Doctor Doctor, Shoot Shoot

In addition to conquering stadiums with Metallica, playing metal and funk covers with the Wedding Band and driving through Canada while discussing $750,000 Dumbles, Kirk Hammett recently found time to grab an electric guitar and jump onstage with one of his idols, U.F.O.

The Metallica man joined the '70s hard-rockers at the Avalon in Hollywood at the pre-cruise party for Megadeth’s Megacruise, where he performed two songs, Doctor Doctor and Shoot Shoot.

And he didn’t come alone. As is evident in the fan-filmed video from alexvigil29, Hammett strapped on Greeny - the ’59 Les Paul with a reversed neck pickup that belonged to Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green and, subsequently, Gary Moore - for the occasion.

“It’s a unique guitar in that the pickup is turned around,” Hammett explained a few years back. “It’s facing the opposite way, so when you play with both pickups on in the middle position, it creates an out-of-phase sound that sounds like a Fender Stratocaster.”

You can check out the full performance above.