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Watch Tool’s “Schism” Played by 40-Piece Orchestra

The 40-piece Metamorphestra orchestra has been winning over Tool fans with its cover of the group’s classic song “Schism,” from their 2001 album, Lateralus.

Now the orchestra is launching a Kickstarter campaign to release a full album, called The Ship of Theseus, that would include covers of System of a Down, the Mars Volta, Weezer, Muse and more.

Though fans have requested that Metamorphestra cover Lateralus in its entirety, leader Nick Proch replied that may have to happen further down the road.

“I’ve thought about doing more singularly focused albums,” he says. “I probably wouldn’t do one just devoted to covering one album, but maybe a Tool album of arrangements as a whole, for example.

“It’s hard at this point because I have to be broad enough to appeal to a lot of tastes, but it would be awesome if someday I could do more narrowly focused albums.”

Below, you’ll find the orchestra’s cover of “Schism” and a preview of Tantamount, the album from which it comes, which features “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance, “Hysteria” by Muse, “Bullet Proof (…I Wish I Was)” by Radiohead and much more.To contribute to Metamorphestra’s Kickstarter campaign, head here.