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Watch Zack de la Rocha play some seriously hardcore guitar in recently unearthed video

Zack de la Rocha is, of course, best known as the politically charged frontman of Rage Against the Machine, but he wasn’t always a vocalist.  Prior to his tenure with RATM he also played electric guitar in straight-edge hardcore band Hard Stance.

In a newly resurfaced video, obtained by, de la Rocha can be seen rocking out on guitar at a Hard Stance gig on March 4, 1990 at Hollywood Live in Hollywood, CA.

Just one year later, he would go on to form Rage Against the Machine and turn the music world on its head alongside Tom Morello, who assumed guitar duties in the landmark rap-rock band.

“The following footage was recovered from a tape owned by the Haworth family and provided to for digitization, restoration, and online preservation,” reads a statement at the beginning of the clip.

“The identity of the original filmer is currently unknown but will be made clear in the description should they come forward.”

You can check out the full 30-minute performance above.