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What's on my iPod - Dave Keuning of the Killers

  • 1. “We’ll Inherit the Earth” The Replacements
  • “The Replacements have many different-sounding albums. This one, Don’t Tell a Soul, stands out as a personal favorite. I really like the production, and the guitar and drums sound great. Plus I've always been a fan of Paul Westerberg's voice.”

2. “Just Breathe” Pearl Jam
“This is off the Backspacer album. I find this song incredibly powerful, with very touching lyrics. I really like the acoustic guitar sound and string arrangements.”

3. “Faint and Fade” Tacoma Narrows
“This band is relatively unknown outside of Chicago. The unconventional yet interesting guitar playing works great over the country-style song delivery, in the style of Elliott Smith meets Wilco. I dig them.”

4. “I Spit Roses” Peter Murphy
“I’ve always liked [singer] Peter Murphy both in Bauhaus and as a solo artist. This is off his latest solo record, Ninth. It’s one of my favorites off this very underrated album. The guy has a very haunting baritone voice, and I love the jangly guitars in this song.”

5. “Hysteria” Def Leppard
“My favorite song from Hysteria. I decided to play the album in my car the other day and I couldn’t help but think how much better it is than most of the new music being put out these days. Musicians just getting started could learn a few things from it.”

The Killers’ fourth and most recent album, Battle Born, is available now.