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Yamaha Announces New CG-TA and CSF-TA Guitars

Yamaha CG-TA

Yamaha recently unveiled the CG-TA TransAcoustic nylon-string classical guitar, bringing the company’s TransAcoustic technology together with its top-selling CG series guitars.

The company also recently announced the CSF-TA TransAcoustic parlor guitar, which takes the company's CSF line of parlor guitars and once again adds the company’s TransAcoustic technology.

The CG-TA incorporates an actuator completely hidden inside the guitar. When the instrument’s strings are played, the actuator senses the vibrations, enhances them and conveys them back to the guitar body and the air in and around the guitar to create authentic reverb and chorus effects from inside the body, with no need for external amplification or effects.

The CG-TA features an Engelmann spruce top and a body of ovangkol. It incorporates the CG series bracing pattern and a thinner bridge plate that efficiently transfers string vibration across the guitar top.

Three knobs on the guitar’s side offer easy adjustment of the level of the TransAcoustic effects, and a SYSTEM70 TransAcoustic + SRT piezo pickup provides amplification, with a line-out volume level, an on/off control and a redesigned battery box integrated with the guitar's endpin.

Yamaha CSF-TA

Yamaha CSF-TA

Just like the CG-TA, the CSF-TA incorporates an actuator (or small switch) installed on the inner surface of the guitar back. When the instrument’s strings are played, they cause the actuator to vibrate, which is then conveyed to the guitar body and the air in and around the guitar. This movement creates authentic reverb and chorus effects from inside the body without needing any external amplification or effects. 

The 20-fret fingerboard sports a 600mm (23.7") scale length, and each guitar comes with a new hard bag.

The Yamaha CG-TA is available for $1,050 MSRP, while the Yamaha CSF-TA is listed for $1,129 MSRP. 

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