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Hole Notes with Dale Turner: The Fingerstyle Techniques of Eclectic Virtuoso Adrian Legg

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What happens when you stew an über-eclectic mix of folk, country, jazz, rock, Celtic and classical influences in a pot overflowing with tuning-peg tricks, partial and/or multiple capos, pedal steel–like bends and myriad fingerstyle techniques?

You get Adrian Legg, a guitar master who has been releasing solo albums (including a pair on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label) and instructional videos and touring the globe since the Seventies.

Virtuoso shredder Joe Satriani has described Legg as “simply the best acoustic guitar player I’ve ever heard,” and he would know—Legg joined Satch, Vai and Eric Johnson on 1996’s inaugural G3 tour as a show-opening solo act.

As evidenced by Legg’s latest album, The Very Best of Adrian Legg, such praise has been well earned. This month, I'd like to honor the innovative guitarist’s efforts with a look at some of his crafty fingerpicking techniques.