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Photo Gallery: Albums of Steve Vai

Very few people make such a dynamic impact on the advancement of their art like Steve Vai has. From following up an educational career at the prestigious Berklee College of Music by immediately being recruiting for Frank Zappa's band, to designing the first commercial seven-string guitars, to composing masterpieces, Steve Vai has left behind quite a legacy.

From the do-it-yourself Flex-Able (recorded in 1984 in a studio Vai built in his backyard called "Stucco Blue") to the critically acclaimed Passion & Warfare to 2005's ambitious concept album, Real Illusions: Reflections, each of Steve's works is incredible art.

His album covers are often filled with an instensity to rival his music. Each accurately reflect the subject matter of the albums they represent. Below is a photo gallery of every album from his illustrious career, check it out.

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