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Ten Easy Acoustic Guitar Classic Rock Songs

Ten Easy Acoustic Guitar Classic Rock Songs

Although all of these classic songs may not have been originally recorded on acoustic guitar, they all are perfect for an acoustic jam.

These aren’t ranked in any order; they're just 10 great songs that are super easy to play.

Even if you can’t master the iconic riffs that are part of most of these tunes, they’re all great to add to your strumming repertoire.

In some cases, the chord progressions might be simplified, but they'll still sound great, I promise.

So grab your guitar and check 'em out. And then check out our other 10 easy acoustic guitar song lists, too.

"The Joker" – Steve Miller Band

Are you a picker and grinner? I know I am!

That’s why this laid back song is so relatable. And fun!

"The Joker" was released by the Steve Miller Band on their 1973 album The Joker.

The song topped the US Billboard Hot 100 in early 1974. And then topped the UK charts much later in September 1990 when it was featured in a Levi’s commercial (gotta love those jeans!)

It’s really just three chords. Easy, easy!!

Chords in this song:


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