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Articles about Anthrax

Review: Samson's Metal Masters 4 Turns in a Fiery Night of Metal at NYC's Gramercy Theatre

"There are so many different fuckers up here jamming, it could be a clusterfuck," says a very sweaty Philip Anselmo, pointing at the audience in an accusatory fashion after he and a pantheon of metal giants finish playing a hyper-charged rendition of Pantera's "Mouth for War" at the Metal Masters 4 concert in New York City this past Friday night, September 7. ... …

Anthrax Discography

From the 1984's Fistful of Metal to the yet-unreleased Worship Music, Anthrax has solidified their position as one of thrash metal's hardest hitters.Spanning through decades of lineup changes, most notably the on-again, off-again presence of iconic vocalist Joey Belladonna, Anthrax's album art has been just as much a staple of thrash culture as their music.From the cinephile-inspired Among the... …