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Hear Eddie Van Halen Shred for Five Minutes at 1984 Soundcheck

The Van Halen Vault has just uploaded this rare soundcheck of Van Halen performing a soundcheck at San Francisco’s Cow Palace in 1984.   The five-minute clip opens with the band finishing up “Jump” and continues with some wild shredding from Eddie Van Halen, along with a soundcheck of “Panama” and plenty more noodling from Ed. …

Review: EVH 5150 III 15-Watt LBX Head

The term downsizing is usually associated with something bad, but in the case of the EVH 5150 III it’s been quite the opposite. ... …

Hear Eddie Van Halen's Isolated Guitar from "Mean Street" and "Unchained"

It seems readers can't quite get enough of isolated Eddie Van Halen guitar tracks lately, and it's easy to see why.It's simply hard to turn away from the "behind the scenes" perspective the crystal-clear recordings provide—plus it makes it a whole lot easier to hear (and learn) what Eddie's playing.Today we bring you a pair of isolated guitar tracks from Van Halen's Fair Warning album, which... …