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Eddie Van Halen

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Like Father, Like Son: Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen Discuss the New Face of Van Halen

This feature is from the April 2008 issue of Guitar World magazine. Eddie Van Halen put the fire in the group that bears his name. It took his son, Wolfgang, to rekindle the passion and get the group on the road for one of the most anticipated reunion tours in rock history. In this world exclusive interview, the father-and-son duo talks about working and performing together in Van Halen. Is... …

Eddie Van Halen Interview: Of Wolf and Man

Originally published in Guitar World, February 2009 Nearly two years in the making, Eddie Van Halen’s new EVH Wolfgang guitar is the ultimate refinement of his classic signature ax. Guitar World gets a sneak preview and learns the story behind its transformation.   The production line where Eddie Van Halen’s new EVH Wolfgang guitars are built delivers surprises and awe-inspiring sights around... …

Eddie Van Halen Unveils Sneaker Line

Eddie Van Halen and partner FEA Merchandising have announced the release of EVH Brand Signature Striped Sneakers.
For nearly 2 decades, EVH fans have been attending Van Halen shows wearing homemade versions of the striped sneakers that Eddie wears onstage, modeled after his infamous red white and black striped Frankenstein guitar. ... …