Essential Listening: 10 Great Fuzz Guitar Songs



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Thickfreakness !
Too much fuzz?



Good stuff with all of these "FUZZ" tunes - brings back great memories.

It's really too bad that you had to use this video of The Guess Who for American Woman - Randy Bachman is nowhere to be seen on guitar!

I just finished reading Randy's book "Beyond The Tap" (I highly recommend it) in which he explained how he got kicked out of The Guess Who and how he receives next to nothing in royalities for writing the iconinc riff and all the music for American Woman.

Maybe you can find another video that actually shows Bachman playing the song.


How about 27 Years by Nursetom61. Oh JEEZ I forgot I haven't recorded that one yet. Whoops, my bad.



Why isn't Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the sky in this> one of the greatest fuzz recordings.


Eclectic Edward

Surprised "Blues Theme" by the Arrows was left off. 100% behind the above mentions of "Spirit in the Sky" and "Incense and Peppermints".
And, how about The Electric Prunes' "Too Much to Dream"?!?


Darth Compton

Young Lust



I'm really surprised they left out SWLABR (she was like a bearded rainbow) by Cream. Another good one by Spirit is Mechanical World, and then there's Burn by Deep Purple. The solo in When the Music's Over is interesting not only because of the use of a fuzz pedal, but also because it's two separate tracks that play in conflict with each other. I think it's Robby Krieger's best work.

There are certainly plenty more songs worthy of inclusion in this list. If it hasn't been done already, maybe the next one should be about best songs featuring the wah-wah pedal…


t.k. morgan

The first recorded "fuzz tone" was the bass solo on Marty Robbins' "Don't Worry" in 1960, caused by a malfunctioning mixing board. Red Rhodes later duplicated the circuit and built the first fuzz box, which was used by Billy Strange on Ann Margaret's "I Just Don't Understand" in '61.



SPIRIT ~ Dark Eyed Lady....The BEATLES ~ Think For Yourself....ISLEY BROTHERS ~ Who's That Lady?



"2000 Pound Bee" was NOT the first song to use fuzz, but it WAS the first rock song. The first-ever song with fuzz was actually by Ann-Margret, of all people.



Incense and Peppermints - the Ed King flower child anthem!!! And ya I hate Spirit in the Sky but the fuzz is not bad.



Should definitely have had "Spirit In The Sky" by Norman Greenbaum. It drips fuzz from start to finish! Not that I like the song that is......

And no "Cinnamon Girl?" C'mon....Although "technically" it was an overdriven Fender Deluxe Reverb not a fuzz per se. But, most people don't know that. Sounds like fuzz.....

Or just about anything from My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless?" And while we're at it what about "Come As You Are?"

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