Fender 60th Anniversary American Vintage 1954 Strat, 60th Anniversary Commemorative Strat and American Deluxe Strat Plus — Review



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FMC is a corporate skankfest. they truly are ruled by greed nothing more



I'm done with Fender. Their quality control is so bad they are shell of a formerly great brand. There are so many better guitars for less. I was in a Guitar Center and asked why there were no G&L's on the racks. The salesman said because they weren't allowed to stock them. You can get them from their website but they aren't allowed in the stores? I wonder why that is. Perhaps when compared with the "name" brands, people will see where the quality and value are and the "name" brand stipulated that if GC wants said brands business, they have to keep out the competition that makes them look bad.

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