Fender Custom Shop Introduces Five Models to 2012 Limited Collection



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I get the concept, but I don't think I would ever pay extra to have someone else "relic" a guitar.

I can damage a guitar pretty easily myself - sometimes no matter how hard I try not to :)

Guitars seems to be the exception - in any other retail business (apart from jeans) if something has visable damage, the price goes down, not up.



I love my Relics. I have a black La Cabronita Especial and a '56 Stratocaster. They feel like a pair of broken-in jeans.

I also have a pair of Closet Classics: a 50's Telecaster and a Pro Series Stratocaster. Besides that I have a NOS '51 Nocaster and a brand new NOS Jim Campilongo '59 Telecaster.

It does feel different when the guitar is relic-ed. I play more carelessly on the Relics. I just love to play the Relics more.

It might be just me and if that is the case, even better.



I'd never dream of paying for a "relic" - crazy idea. Always fancied a Deke Leonard Tele, but I'll just have to make that myself...



Hi, it is crazy,pay so much for what? music ,vanity?many people like pay for their face .They buy expensive guitar , amp, but play them bad.



Pay top dollar for a new guitar that looks like it was dragged by a chain from the back of a truck on a gravel road! Maybe we're in the wrong business. It seems the more messed up it is, the more they get for it. If it looks like it was pulled out of a fire, you can get thousands . . .

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