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Top 10 Easy-to-Play Guitar Power Ballads

Who doesn’t like a power ballad, that soft underbelly of a hard rocker that's rarely seen in the light of day?You’ve probably heard the story: the power ballad often is the biggest hit for heavier bands, opening up their music to the love-song-loving masses.But what makes a song a “power ballad?” It's typically characterized by intense emotional lyrics, a quiet verse with a heavy-hitting, sing... …

Dear Guitar Hero: Nancy Wilson

Originally published in Guitar World, October 2010 She’s the guitarist for Heart, the wife of filmmaker Cameron Crowe and one of the most notable female ax slingers in rock. But what Guitar World readers really want to know is…   Growing up, who were your guitar heroes? Were they all male, or did any female guitarists inspire you to play? —Sir John General There have never been a lot of female... …