Hole Notes: Randy Rhoads' Acoustic Techniques and Riffs



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What is often left out about the Classical guitar influence on Diary of a Madman is that besides the Brouwer Etude 6 influence there is the Francisco Tarrega influence as well. The first several measures of the bass line in the tremolo study Recuerdos de la Alhambra is also used as well!I've been telling my students about that for over 20 years but nobody talks about it. It seems prett obvious to me.-David


Kermin VH

What is going on with all these videos freezing when you pause them? The Pickin' & Grinnin' video from the Nov. 2012 video does the same thing. I've tried using different machines, using different browsers, and it's always the same thing. Someone please fix this!



Yes, you seemed to have missed a big part here as those songs are COPYRIGHTED.
You also missed the part where he said, "The original track has several chords, here, I am just yanking out four of them for a in the style of figure".

If the riffs/songs are played exactly, recorded and played for a large audience such as this video on the internet, well do you see the issue there right? Guitar world could easily be sued for infringement of copyrighted materials.

So, I would think the guy is a real player (teacher actually at one of the largest music schools in the world) that knows how the song is played and the video was obviously proofed but I think Guitar World would like to avoid being sued over a few simple lessons on some old riffs.

That is why generally most videos or even written lessons, use a "in the style of" approach. The lessons attempts to give you a general idea of how the lick goes, or even a very small part but they are treading on a very slippery slope with those types of videos.

Hope that clears it up for you.


Maybe i missed something, but his version of "Diary" is so wrong in that video. Dude left out the second chord change of the first phrase??? I've been playing that song for 15+ years and can ghost Rhoads the entire way through it. Not bragging. It took a long time to get it right. I need a job...and it looks like you need a real player to teach on the videos. No offense, but inside the first 5 minutes the guy is teaching your readers how to play those chords WRONG!!! Doesn't anybody at GW proof these videos before they go online?

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