Interview: The Commander-In-Chief Discusses Zigeunerweisen Guitar Duel, Gear, Warmups and More



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The guitar duel with Thomas Valuer (equally a great player) is jawdroppingly good.
Unbelievably good. Took her 5 months to learn? Thats what I call dedication. This is vey inspiring, and I like it alot more than some of the other videos of her playing.
Keep playing classical things like that. I love it.



The really refreshing thing about CIC's playing on the Sarasate piece is that there is no distortion, no effects whatsoever except for a tiny bit of reverb.

Let's see some of the so-called "Super Shredders" play a challenging piece like this with a clean setting! The only guy that comes to mind that could pull this off is Glenn Proudfoot.

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