Interview: Kiss Guitarist Tommy Thayer Discusses His Signature Epiphone "Spaceman" Les Paul



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Something tells me that Tommy's version of the guitar is maybe just a little different than the stock version. Sure, its "right there". His techs can't tell the difference.

Just like Paul's Silvertone is probably just a teeny weeny bit different than the 300 dollar model.

Does anyone really think KISS would really use cheap imitations of a sec...uh...never mind...



This is direspectful to Ace, additionally, those of us that bought the REAL Ace Signature are shaking our head. There are other players new and old who they could have chosen. As far as KISS I don't see how what Epiphone makes has any bearing on what Gene promotes. Back to the guitar, the Spaceman is Ace ONLY - hence this guitar is a faux version and destined to be on the $299 Clearance rack by summer.


Tight but loose

Kiss has become such a joke. They go on tour with motley crue and poison. They exploit the greatness of the original band without the musical chemistry that once made them great. Gene has become the biggest sell out whore in the history of the music business. And now this. If Kiss had only existed from '73-'78 and again from '96-'2000,they would be legendary. Tommy and Eric are corporate employees of what used to be a great and original band. Such a joke.



I'm Spaceman!



As if pretending to be Ace wasn't bad enough. You can't blame him for taking the gig, but now a signature guitar? Greed knows no bounds, Tommy has studied under Gene in more ways than his stage moves... par for the course in what is no longer Kiss the band but Kiss the conglomerate



One problem, he is not the spaceman. Honestly, it is hard to believe that Epiphone would even stand behind this. Do you think it will even sell?



I just have to add. It must be hard being Thayer. Not being able to be who you want to be and being somebody else because that is what you are told to do. Maybe he is ok with this, but I cant imagine it will last for long. This must weigh on him.



I don't blame him for wanting a "Signature Guitar", look at all the players that have one. Seems like the IN thing to do now. I'm an ACE fan but hey Tommy did just what I'd of done if Gene an Paul said do you want the gig. I'd a been puttin on that make up and rockin out.
By the way, looks like a nice guitar. KEEP ON ROCKIN


This is just wrong. Tommy Thayer is not Ace Frehley. Then again, the last time I was interested in Kiss was like 1980.

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