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Colorful Jazz-Blues Chord Substitutions

Last month, I introduced the 12-bar jazz-blues progression, which is a more musically sophisticated cousin of the simpler “one-four-five” blues chord changes that most people are familiar with and serves as a more harmonically ambitious framework that jazz musicians almost universally prefer to solo over and use as a vehicle for improvising rich, colorful melodies that allude to interesting... …

How to Tune Your Guitar Using the "Fifth Fret Method"

Every guitarist should know how to tune his instrument the old-fashioned way—by ear—using unisons. In this Guitar Basics video, Guitar World Music Editor shows you how to do exactly that, using the "fifth fret method." For more of Jimmy's Guitar Basics videos, head here. …

The Intriguingly Exotic Sound of the C Lydian Hexatonic Scale

In the previous two String Theory columns (March and April 2015 issues), I introduced a pair of hexatonic (six-note) scales that are comprised of the same six notes and may be thought of as opposing sides of the same musical coin—the dark, serious-sounding E minor hexatonic (E F# G A B D) and its one useful mode, the beautifully bright D major hexatonic (D E F# G A B). ... …