Life, Love & Hope: Tom Scholz Talks Gear, the Wonders of Analog Recording and Boston's New Album



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Really guys? How old are all of you? Do you use tube amps when you play? Cause if you do it's ALL analog! Tom records the music AS he plays it! He simply wants the recording to sound as much as possible like it did when he played it. That is NOT possible with digital sampling but is entirely possible with analog. Grow up! Digital does NOT always mean better and for you guys saying that Tom doesn't know what he's talking about... He holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and is an authority on sound and acoustic theory and knows more about digital audio than you have all ever learned and more about analog audio than all "old farts" have forgotten! Get over yourselves. I myself am an electrical engineer and know all too well what can be lost in the digital world. The recording should preserve as much of the original sound as possible. Very difficult to do in the digital age. Clearly digital has its place and I have nothing against it. But when playing and recording music, you should use as much analog equipment as possible because your guitar is an analog instrument and things will just sound warmer and much clearer!



Pre-ordered this CD and had high hopes which were soon crushed. Although I like Heaven & Earth, the rest of the songs were pretty weak. It was nice to hear Brad's voice once again but even that wasn't enough to save this album. Coulda', should'a been so much more than what Tom gave us. Guess I'll have to be happy with the old classic Boston.



The new Boston material, "Life, Love & Hope" is terrible. Each song sounds like a rehash of the same riff; dressed up with a different thunderstorm, rocket launch, or some other cheesy effect. The crappy drum machine is an embarrassment. Finally, the ensemble of singers ruins any cohesiveness that this collection of terrible songs may have ever had.

Tom's one man band approach wore thin on Walk On. I saw Boston live on the 2008 tour. While Brad Delp is irreplaceable, Michael Sweet and Tommy DeCarlo did an excellent job trading lead vocals. The rest of the band sounded great. Jeff Neal and Kimberly Dahme on harmony vocals rounded out an excellent show. I don't understand why Scholz could not or would not bring that lineup into the studio to record an album.

Life, Love & Hope is an insult to Boston fans.


I saw Boston twice in the later 70's touring in support of "Don't Look Back" - Outdoors & indoors - I almost shat bricks when I saw he had this rocker pedal (like a Cry Baby) that would go from full-on modded Marshall pushed down to a clean chorus sound backing off the pedal during "More Than A Feeling" - really - something like that just kills you as far as rock star gear goes! And, Tom does his own mods - he's a whiz kid w/ a soldering iron...!



Obviously. Tom built the Boston corporation, along with the beautiful Brad Delp of course. So he is free to do what he wants as he sees fit. However, for us poor dumb street slob musicians, digital has been a godsend. *We* can do more with less faster with better quality. Also...Tom may hate digital, and grudgingly use it because, guess what? That's how we listen and support his @ss. You really think your revered analog matters on our mp3 player and ear buds? You can either fight it or embrace it...make the best product you can.

And a word from a dumb street urchin to's always about the song. It doesn't matter if it's an acoustic pulled from the trash, a 110 piece orchestra, or a 3k Motif keyboard...if it's a good song, then we just don't give a F@#K..mkay?
I listened to the new album...via digital Rhapsody, lol...and it was okay. Some songs really good some not so great. Digital didn't have a damn thing to do with it.


Fucking Tom Scholz takes twenty years recording an album, bemoans digital when in the modern reality of the 21st century, it is as absolutely perfect as bloody fucking vinyl, AND THEN he clearly doesn't even understand the goddamn difference between file compression and audio compression. I used to love this man. Now i hate this pseudopedantic idiot.

Fuck Tom Scholz and fuck "Boston".



I have to agree (although not in such harsh terms, haha). People don't realize how ignorant they're revealed to be when they spout about clinging to recording analog or on vinyl, especially industry veterans like Scholz who have so much good information and advice at their immediate disposal. Unless you absolutely butcher the mastering process, the differences between the same audio source recorded by analog and digital means are indistinguishable by the human ear.


Right. See, he could have argued this maybe ten, fifteen years ago. Now, digital has caught up. Really almost any decent off-the-shelf computer can make as good of a recording as any magnetic tape. The only potential weak link is the AD/DA converter. Outside of that, you really don't even need an amp anymore. So he's just an old fart, and anybody who listens to that track they've put up here and thinks it's a great mix is lying to themselves. Of course the audio sounds bad because it's Youtube, but you can still hear the mix, and it sounds like an expensive but mediocre vanity project. When i heard it i thought i was listening to a band of dentists. That's not Boston. It may BE Boston, but it doesn't sound like them.

What Tom needs more than anything is a no-nonsense producer who won't put up with his insipid bullshit and will make his ass get to work and do it right. I'm not buying that "perfectionist" line, either. He's just indecisive. Ironic since he's obviously so stubborn.



Okay track. I grew up on these guys and I can't help but expect a Delp performance on all tracks.

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