Top 20 Hair Metal Albums of the Eighties



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Dokken & George Lynch slighted again. They deserve to be on this list.
Back for the attack, Tooth & Nail, great albums.
Cinderella? Poison? Are you kidding me? This list is a joke.



How could you say that Warrant's guitarists Erik Turner and Joey Allen were certainly nothing to write home about.

Have you ever heard Uncle Tom's Cabin?



Whoever came up with this list is an idiot. You added bands that weren't really "80s" bands... but more like 90s bands. Yes... some of them had a hit or so in the 80s but most of their fame came in the 90s - like Skid Row. You should be shot for skipping Scorpions, Dokken, Night Ranger, Twisted Sister, Queensryche, W.A.S.P. or Ozzy Osbourne. WTF were you thinking?


Wow... my high school years summed up in a single top 20 list. There's obviously a few I would add and/or swap (Faster Pussycat?), but by and large that's a solid list.



Living in Los Angeles all my life, I could throw out names like W.A.S.P., Armored Saint, and Alcatrazz, but I won't. What I will do is throw out Twisted Sister and Steeler. As for Bon Jovi and Whitesnake... um.... nah. KTHNXBAI!!!!



Two Crue albums on the list? Does Mick Mars work for Guitar World now?
I agree with the other comments regarding the omission of Dokken. Also, while you may or may not agree early Ozzy was "hair metal", how can Randy Rhoads and/or Jake E. Lee not be on the list?
As an aside, I like that first Faster Pussycat album but it hardly stuck out for its high level of guitar playing. L.A. Guns could have been included instead.



The best kept secret of the hair bands is Enuff Z Nuff. I'm a rock curmudgeon who is hard to please and down on most of these bands. But Enuff Z Nuff were really freaking great. They just didn't make it that big--probably because they shouldn't have tried to be a hair band. If they were a straight up rock band without the cross-sexual makeup and what not, they might be a super-group that appealed to the whole rock world--not just the teeny boppers who feel for that crap.



So what I'm getting from this list is that whoever put it together doesn't really have a very good idea of what bands were 'hair metal' and what bands were not.


I don't normally make comments, but I was listening to rock radio in the 80s and taping songs off live on the radio with our fisher stereo.
Whoever is responsible for this list don't know anything...
The album that started it all is Metal Health /quiet riot. That should always be # 1
However I am partial to pyromania.



Missing in action: TNT - Tell No Tales or Intuition, Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Invasion, Extreme - Pornograffiti (the ballads aside, better than the debut, in my opinion), Keel - The Right to Rock, Nitro - O.F.R., Ratt - Invasion of Your Privacy (WAY better than Out of the Cellar), Loudness - Lightning Strikes or Hurricane Eyes. I could probably go on, but I'll stop here.



I normally don't comment on lists like this, but you have totally missed the mark on this list.
- Van Halen, Whitesnake should not be on the list. Hard Rock Man, Not Metal.
- David Lee Roth? Extreme? Holy Crap!
- Where's Quiet Riot, Dokken, Twisted Sister?
- I would even question Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood instead of Shout of the Devil.



So, let's see if I understand:
80s Hard Rock album + hair and looks = Hair Metal?



I think you're confusing Hair Metal (or Glam Metal) with Hard Rock, when they are two distinctively different genres.

Bands like Van Halen, DLR, and Whitesnake may have had long hair and used a little mascara and hairspray during the mid to late 80's, but they were definitely Hard Rock, as opposed to the obvious Glam Metal bands on this list. They belong more on a list with bands such as Ozzy, Scorps, Priest, ACDC, etc.

Incidentally, The Cult and GnR probably don't belong on this list either (not sure exactly where they fit in), but bands like Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, WASP, Dokken, and/or Lynch Mob probably DO.

I didn't care much for most of the cookie cutter hair metal movement (aside from all the female fans), but I very much liked bands like Crue, Ratt, and White Lion. The Pride album ranks as one of my All Time favorites. Not a bum song in the lot.



Poison and C.C. Deville make it, but George (F#%*in') Lynch doesn't? Did all the guys that grew up listening to this stuff quit, only to leave hipsters to create a list based on false nostalgia and a love of irony?


Where is Enuff Z'nuff on this list? That was a pure pop hair metal masterpiece.



Quiet Riot's "Metal Health" album needs to be on it just simply for the fact that it was the very first hard rock/metal album to hit #1 on the album charts. And something from the early days of Y&T needs to be here - preferably "Earthshaker". The guys in Tesla would agree.



Good grief, I can't believe all the seriousness and hate in these comments. Hair metal was about having fun and being ridiculous, and believe it or not, some great music actually did come out of it, whether or not you want to admit it. If you're trying to take it seriously, then you're the one who looks stupid. So give it a break and take it for what it is.



This list ain't rockin'
'Cause it left off Dokken!






Also deserving of mention: I seen them together with Alice Cooper on his "Trash" tour.



Please don't include VanHalen with these copycat posers who had more hairspray than talent.



How the hell is GNR not a hair band? Let's see, hair spray? check,spandex? check,power ballads? check. OK,then they were a hair band.Still not convinced? check out the Sweet Child of Mine vid and get back to me. VH became a hair band with Hagar fo sho as well if they weren't already.Not all hair bands suck not all Punk,Grunge,Blues bands whatever bands are good.



Holy shit! How did I miss KIX??? I stopped watching TV in '76 to concentrate on music, so I missed the entire MTV hype.



Kix just played the Bottle & Cork in Dewey Beach DE about 2 weeks ago (I think) about 20 miles from me. I had to work, and couldn't go; so I didn't pay too close attention as to the exact date. I just remember a friend calling to see if I wanted to go...

I remember, geesh, years ago, after the 80's bands not booking well; I had an advertisement magazine (some call them Pennypackers)and there was an ad for a 4X12 HiWatt straight cab.

I called the number and this dude answered the phone, and it was like 2pm, and it sounded like I woke him up. I apologized if I called "too early", and he said "it's cool dude". I asked the usually questions like "what condition is it in", "are there any tears in the tolex or grill cloth" etc.

He said, "no man, it's in great shape. I didn't use it much, and only used it on a few gigs". I replied "You play in a band? where all do you play?" And he said "Not much anymore, I play in a band called Kix".

Well, I tried to maintain my composure and give the obligatory "Yeah, I seen you guys..."

It was Brian Forsythe.

He was really cool on the phone, no rock star attitude. Still don't know why I didn't buy the cab other than he was in the Frederick MD area and I was in York PA (at the time). Work schedules, etc. (again) and I think he wanted $400 for it..... good times



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VH and GNR not hair bands.





Tight but loose

The 70's--UFO,BTO,Aerosmith,Zeppelin,KISS,Purple,Sabbath,Nazareth...
The 80's--Motley Crue,Faster Pussycat,Warrant,Winger,Kix,Extreme...
WTF happened??? Fashion,spandex,and Mtv?? Hair metal SUCKS!!!

P.S.--Van Halen,Def Leppard,Whitesnake,and GnR are NOT hair metal...



Yep. Hair Metal = Cheesy, cringe-inducing 70s hard-rock parody.



When videos of so many of these songs are posted on youtube, the general consensus is today's music sucks.



This is still my favorite era of music. I could never accept the grunge and Metallica wannabes that started taking over.

There was so much great music put out then. Some of it by bands who made an album and decided to leave it as it is.

If it wasn't for Guitar Hero, many kids would be so ignorant of a lot of this music.

It's weird that you almost have to listen to an oldies station to hear some of this.



So according to your logic...

Ratt had "Shit-kickin' attitude",
Kix was "cool",
Bon Jovi had "mammoth chorus's",
Cinderella had "bluesy instincts" resulting in songs with "authenticity",
Poison (if not for their looks) had one of the greatest punk songs of all time with one of the coolest and most reckless guitar players to sell out arenas,
White Lion was a "beast of a band",
Warrant had one of the most accomplished pop metal songwriters (and if you disagree seek medical attention)..


but you're mentally defective if you liked the Van Halen albums 5150, OU812, F.U.C.K. and Balance they did with Sammy Hagar.

Like most VH fans, I believe that the first 6 are holy and the greatest music offerings ever.

But the albums done with Hagar blow away those bands you praised there. I, for one, am grateful that Eddie, Alex and Mike chose to continue rocking while estranged from DLR.

Those were great albums they produced, they just can't live up the original 6.

Your hyberbole is just trash.



It's funny to hear people bashing on the hair metal bands of the 80s. I bet if you look in the back of their closet you'll find spandex pants and old cans of hair spray that they used to try and look like those guys. Yeah, those bands looked funny and the music was pretty light in content, but they all focused on partying and getting laid. Now all the metal bands downtune as far as they can and want to moan about how unfair life is, and then go home alone and sulk about it.






I think you picked most of the best so called hair metal of the time,with a few exceptions... I never thought of SKID ROW as a hair metal band they proved it with slave to the grind. Also faster pussycat wasnt one of the best anything, they just plain sucked! Putting the cult on that list didnt make sense to me either, they may have been alot of things but any kind of metal...NOT!



Overall this is an awesome list and I have to agree with almost every album. I think I own them all and some are alltime favorites. The three weakest entries but still reasonably deserving are Kix, Warrant, and Faster Pussycat in my opinion. All three are very good but did you maybe overlook:

1. Queensryche "Operation: Mindcrime" - I Don't Believe in Love, Revolution Calling, Eyes of a Stranger. After all they are using that concept to this day and Wilton and Degarmo were awesome together. Although they had more chart success with Empire in 1990 this was an big breakthrough for the band and set the stage. Iconic Album.

2. Scorpions "Love at First Sting" - Rock you Like a Hurricane, Big City Nights, Still Lovin You. What awesome music.

There were some great "hair bands" that played the game but also had a lot of substance under it all and most of the selections on the list had that at some level. I commend the GW Staff for a great list and for going out on a limb on a couple to really pick the better album not just the biggest sellers. These are two more albums that seemed to have more than just a catchy song or two and really are deserving. One of the most accurate lists like this IMHO. Just my thoughts! Nice Job Guys!



"Not a bad list, but I don't consider Def Leppard a hair band."

I think there were many hard rock bands that wouldn't traditionally be called "Hair Bands" that put out albums in the 80's that were tainted with the vibe and co lour of the era....Bands like AC/DC,Aerosmith,Alice Cooper, and even Def Leppard.

You really got it right with Dr. Feelgood being Motley Crue's climatic piece of work that would ensure the 80's hair band genre made history.



Not a bad list, but I don't consider Def Leppard a hair band.



not a bad

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