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To Buy New, or Buy Used?

Simple question: Should you buy new or used?Simple answer: It’s complicated.When you’re on the hunt for gear, it’s easy to think the smart buy is the one with the lowest asking price. But instead of just thinking about what is easiest on your wallet up front, think about the entire cost of buying, owning, and perhaps even reselling that item later on down the road.No one wants to get burned on... …

Glass Nail Files (It’s All About Not Shredding)

For today’s column, I’m going full metrosexual.Ladies and gentlemen, let’s discuss nail care. Specifically, let’s talk about files. Because the only thing that could possibly get me interested in the state of my fingernails is buying a new piece of guitar-related equipment to deal with them.I have always hated nail files and their nasty sandpaper brethren, emery boards. Besides shredding the... …

How a Slide Taught Me to Make Up My Own Mind

Aristotle called it the “unscribed tablet”—the tabula rasa—the idea that we come into the world as a blank slate, free of any pre-formed knowledge. But thanks to the internet and mass marketing, we don’t remain blank for long, though how much of that knowledge is based on fact is debatable. The internet in particular moves things along so quickly that we often don’t have time to form our own... …

Hardshell Case or Gig Bag? It Depends on How You’ll Use It

Several years ago, I was buying a new guitar from my local shop. The salesman opened the cardboard shipping box the guitar came in, removed the foam packing sleeve from the guitar, handed me the packing sleeve and the box, and told me with a smile, “Look, a gig bag and a case!”Which brings up the question about which is better. OK, not the ones that came with that guitar—but gig bags or... …