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Video Premiere: Alex Skolnick Trio's "Bollywood Jam" — Where Guitars and Belly Dancing Unite

Video Premiere: Alex Skolnick Trio's is proud to present the premiere of "Bollywood Jam," a new bellydancing-infused video from the Alex Skolnick Trio's recent Veritas album.

"The idea for the 'Bollywood Jam' video came about after I witnessed a live performance by a great Brooklyn-based bellydancer, Kazja, in a tiny club," Skolnick said. "Feeling that more people need to be aware of this beautiful art form, I immediately recruited her and two other girls, Tava and Erica, to appear in the video as female bellydancing doppelgangers of Matt, Nathan and myself, respectively.

"Along the way, I had the idea to place us in a confrontational rehearsal situation similar to 'Walk This Way' by RunDMC/Aerosmith. A good friend of mine, former MTV producer Kevin Mackall, loved the idea and volunteered to bring it to life with the highest quality.

"Kevin and his production team did a brilliant job capturing the energy of the song, the beauty of the dancers and the feel of the original 'Walk This Way' video."

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