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Breedlove Launches Custom Sound Studio Website

Breedlove Guitars of Bend, Oregon is proud to offer musicians, artists and collectors a truly magical musical opportunity.

With the Breedlove Custom Sound Studio, anyone can design their dream instrument and have it built by Breedlove’s master luthiers and craftspeople.

Inspired by Kim Breedlove, this program allows players to express themselves and their music through custom heirloom instruments with distinctively crafted sound.

Crafting your Breedlove Custom Sound Studio instrument is an experience like no other. It begins with an extensive menu of rare and exotic tonewoods, state-of-the-art electronics, custom options, finish styles, inlay patterns, custom artwork and hardware. We’ll help you select just the right pieces to create a highly customized musical instrument that’s perfectly you.

The Breedlove Custom Sound Studio website is the first stop on your journey. There we’ll teach you how to listen to understand exactly what tonal qualities you’re after. You’ll learn the common language we use to describe guitars, their components and the sounds they produce. We’ll explain body shapes to ensure your new instrument fits you perfectly. You can also see examples of Custom Sound Studio instruments we’ve already built.

The Breedlove Wood Library offers an extraordinary assortment of exotic tonewoods. The Breedlove team travels the globe in search of the finest and most sustainable tonewoods available. Breedlove luthiers pair back and side tonewoods with carefully selected soundboards to craft specific sound perfectly suited to your playing style and musical preferences.

Breedlove craftsmen and luthiers are available to guide you through every step of the process, but you can also select an authorized Breedlove Distinctive Dealer to help you design your one-of-kind instrument. When your vision meets our expertise, passion, and materials, you get something magical, something alchemical. You get an experience and an instrument that, until now, you only dreamed of.

Grammy award-winning guitarist Ed Gerhard discusses the Custom Sound Studio process:

Breedlove Artist Ed Gerhard has created a “guitar voice” of his own that is recognized and praised worldwide. Known for his gorgeous tone and compositional depth, Gerhard can move a listener with a single note. Scott Alarik of the Boston Globe said it best when he wrote “Gerhard does not write instrumentals. He writes songs only a guitar can sing.” He was recently in Bend, OR, designing a new custom instrument and we recorded the short video above about the Custom Sound Studio process.

Explore the Breedlove Custom Sound Studio here: