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Exclusive Video Premiere: Sukh’s “For the Road”

Today we’re thrilled to give you the premiere of Sukh’s beautiful “For the Road” music video.

Doctor by day, musician by night, UK-based songwriter Sukhdeep Krishan strums softly as he laments love and loss, accompanied by gorgeous orchestral arrangements.

The writing is clear and direct, and the video adds a beautiful visual element to Sukh’s story.

“For the Road is a bittersweet song,” Sukh shares. “It’s about saying goodbye to someone you really love. It’s about treasuring all the times you spent with that person and holding no grudges. It’s about simultaneously being broken and then healed by the very same force.”

“I think the video tries to show that.”

Yeah, we agree! Watch the premiere below, and find out more at “For The Road” is taken from Sukh’s forthcoming album, Heading East.