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HyeTension's "Mod Girlz" — Exclusive Acoustic Video Premiere

Here’s a fun video from HyeTension for their song “Mod Girlz” from their upcoming album, The Observer.

We all know that singing in the shower is a great American pastime, but HyeTension takes it to the next level by creating this cool acoustic vid in a swanky bathroom.

Natural reverb aside, this fun and funky song benefits from some mighty fine musicianship and excellent harmonies. Dig it!

HyeTension’s Carter shares, "'Mod Girlz' is a song we wrote a few years back, and our goal was to write something that the crowd could essentially sing along to in sort of an outdoorsy-summer festival type environment. Sun setting, cold beer in hand, good times with your friends...that cheesy sorta thing. Kind of the polar opposite of our latest single "New Regent". We wanted to be able to draw out the chorus and have people humming that melody after hearing it. It's also in a way sort of a love song towards the idea of the whole "mod" scene that occurred in the 60's. We are very inspired by the outbreak of fashion, art, and just the creative, new way of thinking that emerged during that time period and we wanted to capture that. And not to mention the girls were lovely...We shot this acoustic rendition of the song one afternoon in my parent's bathroom in their new house. The French doors added a nice touch."

Watch here:

  • New to most, HyeTension, the indie-rock four-piece founded in the basement of frontman Christopher Simon Kasbarian, have already garnered a strong following in their hometown of Springfield, Virginia. Having released three EP's and earned their local stripes with regular performances around the North Virginia area, the quartet are ready to get
  • their music out into the world with their forthcoming EP.

Inspired by the rock greats and his own musical family (which includes his singer/songwriter father Zareh Kasbarian and his cousin, the legendary 'King of Love Songs', Paul Baghaddlian), Kasbarian, who is of Armenian descent, brings pure rock grit with an almost nostalgic vibe to the music.

Kasbarian is joined by Carter Auch on lead guitar/backing vocals, Ryan Sheehan on bass guitar/backing vocals, and Sam Khalaji on drums/backing vocals.

The EP, titled The Observer looks to expand on the themes and creative vision outlined by the first single "New Regent" and will be a wake up call for indie-rock fans yet to discover HyeTension.

The Observer is set for release on August 14, 2015.

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