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Tony Lucca Performs Acoustic "Delilah" — Exclusive Video

We recently spent some quality time with the super-talented Tony Lucca. Good music. Cool guy. Excellent tattoos. It was all good.

You may have seen him on the 2012 season of “The Voice,” where he came in 3rd. But for me it’s Lucca’s self-titled 2015 release that really turns up the heat.

Since “The Voice” Lucca made a record with Adam Levine, toured with Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson and was cast on the hit show “Parenthood” playing himself as a rock singer, and performed an original song.

His 2015 album Tony Lucca is a rockin’ roller coast ride of down and dirty bluesy rock. It’s worth a listen or 5.

Here Lucca shares his single “Delilah” acoustically live. Driving and soulful the song spills out in a supremely satisfying way in this stripped down version.

Check it out here and come back for our exclusive interview, coming soon! Find out more at