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Five Great Electric Guitarists Perform on Acoustic Guitar — Video

There’s a particular excitement felt at concerts when you notice the guitarist slip his electric guitar off his shoulder, reach for an acoustic guitar, sit down and play an old hit or rarity.

The complexity of a song broken down into simple chords and strums can totally transform the tone into a special performance, reminiscent of traveling back in time to the demo session of its formation.

Becoming an electric guitar superstar is often defined by a signature styles; it's easy to recognize a player based on the style, sound and tone they create with their equally famous guitars. Beautiful acoustic performances by these heroes are often overlooked by the general public, because they are not in-your-face jams.

Here are five great live videos of shredders stripped down to the basics, showing their skills on an acoustic axe.

This performance of “What Kind of Nation” comes from an extensive but largely unknown musical collaboration between Buckethead and actor Viggo Mortensen. Listen halfway through for the masked guitar hero playing a familiar Ozzy Osbourne tune.

John 5

Fittingly named, “Noche Acosador” takes a break from John 5’s signature industrial metal sound to a brilliant display of flamenco-influenced acoustic instrumental.

Zakk Wylde

Wylde revisits his first venture as a frontman from his southern-rock-rooted Pride & Glory album in this soul-filled performance.

Slash, Tom Morello and Jerry Cantrell

Three of alternative rock’s greatest guitarists mellow out with some Pink Floyd at Tom Morello’s Justice Tour to raise money and awareness for homeless advocacy groups.


Neil Young’s annual charity concert for the Bridge School is a great showcase of acoustic performances and has taken place every year since 1986. Check out this awesome acoustic rendition of the Master of Puppets classic, “Disposable Heroes.”