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Yamaha's Revamped L Series Guitars Now Shipping

The redesigned lineup of Yamaha L Series handcrafted acoustic guitars is now shipping.

The L Series, a line of handcrafted acoustic guitars, features several new innovations. All new models now include solid Engelmann spruce tops that are treated with A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement), an original wood reforming technology developed by Yamaha.

Instruments made with this technology produce a tonal richness that can only be found in vintage models that have been played for many years.

A.R.E. treatment provides tonal balance and eliminates the harsh edge common with younger guitars. More information is available here.

Redesigned bracing, introducing a lower bracing height and shape, improves the vibration of the top board and tonal transference throughout the guitar, creating a balanced low end and crisp top end characteristics. Several other playability enhancements include a refined, thinner neck profile, lower string action and wider string spacing. A new five-ply neck design adds stability and additional tone enhancement.

Pictured left to right: L626 ARE, LL16 Brown Sunburst ARE and LL6 ARE.

In a first for the L Series, these models come with an unobtrusive passive under-saddle Studio Response Technology (S.R.T.) pickup for live applications that does not affect the unplugged sound or detract from the finishes of these guitars. Previously constructed only with Rosewood back and sides, the new L Series now offers models with Mahogany back and sides, in addition to the Rosewood models, to meet the market demand for both popular choices. For more information, click here.