Guitar Capo Poll — Player's Pick

Thanks for checking out Acoustic Nation Players’ Pick –– a new poll series designed to let YOU decide what gear is deserving of our award.

This time we’re checking out one of our favorite accessories — the capo.

A good capo is a truly useful tool.

In case you’re not entirely familiar, a capo clamps onto the neck of your guitar (or any stringed instrument) and shortens the playable length of the strings. This raises the pitch.

When you use a capo you can use the same fingerings as you do when playing open, but play in a different key.

Not only that, the now higher pitch of the open strings can change the vibe of what you’re playing. It’s a nifty way to change things up.

Capos come in different sizes and shapes for different instruments and fretboard curvatures.

Pick your favorite of the bunch from the list below and help us honor them with an Acoustic Nation Players' Pick award! Voting ends November 30, 2014.