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Listen to Kyle Cox’s New Single

Kyle Cox recorded The Plan, The Mess with producer/drummer Mike Marsh (Avett Brothers, Dashboard Confessional) in Nashville, TN.

Although this is his debut full length, he is no stranger to great songwriting.

He has been featured in American Songwriter five separate times, including being the only songwriter in the history of the magazine to have won the American Songwriter Lyric Contest twice.

Having toured extensively this past year, Cox is very familiar with hard work.

Possessing a "put your head down & pound the pavement" mentality, Cox has done everything from opening for more established acts in packed out venues to playing for smaller, more intimate living room crowds. But whatever the size of venue or crowd, one thing remains true - Kyle has an innate ability to connect with the listener through his songs in a deep and personal level.

Take a listen to his track “I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You”:

Cox emphasizes the importance of the song with every melody and lyric. He takes pride in being a student of songwriting - drawing inspiration from peers and legends alike, while never letting his unique voice get lost. There is no doubt that his dedication to the art of songwriting shines through on this album, making it something that will last.

Check out a live acoustic performance of “I Ain’t Been Lonely, Until I Met You”:

The Plan, The Mess is set to be released September 30, 2014.

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