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10-Year-Old Guitarist Li-Sa-X Shreds Polyphia’s “Aviator” — Video

Remember little Li-sa-X?

We featured her on a few years ago when she starred in a YouTube video that showed her playing Racer X's "Scarified."

A few months later, Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert responded to Li-sa's video with a video of his own. In it, he invited her to join his online ArtistWorks guitar school—for free.

Well, Li-sa-X—who is 10 now—is back with a new video. In it, she takes on the Polyphia track “Aviator,” shredding up a storm as always—and throwing in a smile now and then.

“Aviator” can be found on Polyphia's 2014 album, Muse. We've included the original version of the song below for reference (After all, we premiered the music video right just a few weeks ago!). Enjoy!