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Bumblefoot Premieres "Don't Know Who to Pray to Anymore" Music Video Teaser — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of the teaser for Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal's epic, seven-minute-long “Don’t Know Who to Pray to Anymore" music video.

The track is from his latest album, Little Brother Is Watching, which was released earlier this year via Bumblefoot Music. The full video will premiere November 23.

"This song speaks for those who feel lost, betrayed and disillusioned when we question all we believe in," Thal says. "When we start to lash out, and punish ourselves. This is a song about being in this place, in our own personal purgatory. We know we need to heal, but we're not ready to let go."

“Don’t Know Who to Pray to Anymore," which was directed by Vojan Koceic, was a massive undertaking, filmed in three countries at 12 locations, including the Western Wall in Jerusalem and Roman ruins near the Jordanian border. Additional band performances were filmed in Croatia at the Fortress of Klis and the Diocletian Palace, plus an additional eight sets and featuring more than 50 actors.

“This video needed to be filmed in locations that have a deep historic and spiritual presence,” Thal adds.

Thal is no stranger to epic videos, as evidenced by the previous clip for the album's title track, which he premiered in April. The video spins the clock on George Orwell's 1984 back to 1984 BC, showing timeless power struggles like chapters of a story—dominating rule, a demand for instant gratification, a revolt and the tables turn.

“In 1984, Orwell predicted there would be Big Brother, this governmental presence that would be watching us," Thal says. "But what wasn’t predicted was how technology would allow for us to have that same ability in the palm of our hands, where we can catch anything on video for the entire world to see immediately. It’s about the pressure we can put on ourselves to be perfect when everybody’s watching.”

For more about Bumblefoot, visit and follow him on Facebook.

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Damian Fanelli

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