David Ellefson Chooses Megadeth Bassline Contest Winners

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The verdict is in! Megadeth bassist David Elleson has chosen the winners of the video bassline contest hosted by SIT Strings. David personally checked out our contest entrants and selected his five favorites from the finalists.

Contestants shot a quick video of themselves playing one or all of David’s favorite Megadeth basslines as seen in THIS VIDEO.

Congratulations to:

Giovanni Sena
Hans Vollert
Brian Walker
Matt Bryson
Luke Gallagher!

Below, we present our five winners’ videos. All the winners will receive a set of SIT David Ellefson Signature Bass Strings, a signed Ellefson poster and a special Virtual Reality version of Megadeth's new album, Dystopia.

For more about Ellefson's signature SIT strings, check out sitstrings.com. For more about the Virtual Reality version of Dystopia, head here.

Giovanni Sena

Hans J. Vollert

Brian Walker

Matt Bryson

Luke Gallagher