Dream Theater's John Petrucci Shreds on 'That Metal Show' — Video - Guitar World

Dream Theater's John Petrucci Shreds on 'That Metal Show' — Video

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Over the Oscars- (and snow-) filled weekend, Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci made his debut appearance on That Metal Show.

You can check out a pro-shot clip of Petrucci's shred-packed performance, a highlight of the series' Season 14 debut episode, below.

You'll notice that the on-stage onlookers include Rush frontman Geddy Lee. As he admits in the show, Petrucci has always been a huge fan of Rush; he even brought in his old Rush-themed denim jacket from when he was a kid. (You can watch the full episode below.)

As we reported earlier, Season 14 of That Metal Show consists of (a total of) 12 new episodes and will be shot at Metropolis Studios in New York City Tuesday nights for broadcast the following Saturday on VH1 Classic. Audience tickets for upcoming tapings are available via Gotham Casting.

Upcoming guests will be announced in the near future.

Season 14 marks the return of several fun segments, including “Metal Modem,” “TMS Top 5,” “Rank” and “Take It or Leave It.” The “Stump the Trunk” segment, where audience members go out of their way to test host Eddie Trunk’s knowledge, is also returning for the new season.

Fans can watch previous episodes and other bonus clips at ThatMetalShow.VH1.com and on the new VH1 app.

For more information about That Metal Show, visit vh1.com and follow That Metal Show on Facebook.